The Dragon Writers is a PRIVATE space and confidentiality is expected. No writing shared within the group is to be shared or discussed outside of the group setting.

Community Guidelines:

  1. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the group and the offense will be dealt with through the proper channels.
  2. Writing competitions and places to publish may be posted, but no spamming please.
  3. While criticism can be given, if requested, The Dragon Writers is a supportive and fun community and all members should be treated with respect at all times.
  4. Always remember that tastes and styles vary – no genre is superior to any other. Whether you’re writing fanfic or the next War and Peace, you’re welcome here!
  5. You’re welcome to post extracts of your own writing if you choose to, this is by no means obligatory. Please include, if you do, any warnings (such as age restrictions, trigger warnings) you feel necessary and whether or not you would like feedback.
  6. While we want to know about what our other Dragon Writers are up to, shameless self-promotion spam will not be tolerated and may be removed by admins.
  7. Add your writer friends! Every level of writer is welcome, from novice to published. The only requirement is that you love words.
  8. Under the ‘Files’ section at the top of the page you will see a Document where you can add personal links to your writing site or your own Facebook page in the comments section.

Remember to have FUN, be AWESOME and KEEP WRITING!