Dragon Writers Anthology

By popular demand, we will be releasing our first ever anthology next year, to showcase the creative talent in our beloved group. It will be edited by Nerine Dorman, who has a long string of editing credits to her name. Find all the details below!

Submission guidelines

Theme: “Elements”.

The alchemists of old referred to earth, air, water and fire as “the elements” but when scientists today talk about “elements”, they talk about more than one hundred substances that cannot be chemically broken down into simpler substances.

Then there’s the dictionary definition of an element: “an essential or characteristic part of something abstract”.

This topic is intentionally open to interpretation. Let your imagination run wild.

Word count: 3,000 – 5,000 words

Submission period: 15 November – 15 December 2016

Submission address: To be added once submissions are open.

Submission format: Double-spaced, Times New Roman/Arial, MS Word file or Google Doc link.

Please submit one story only.

How this will work

Step 1: Submissions

Submissions will be open between the 15th of November and 15th of December.  During that time you can send your story to dragonwriterssubmissions@gmail.com (note the double s (Dragon Writers is plural)!).

Step 2: Selection and developmental edits

  • Tallulah will “anonymise” the submissions (strip all names).
  • Our panel will select stories to be included. Once this selection is made, the names of the top 12 stories will be re-attached and the writers will be contacted.
  • Nerine might get in touch with you with some developmental edits to add sparkle to your story.
  • If your story is accepted, you will be sent a tiny bit of paperwork to sign to agree to include your story in the anthology, specifying that you maintain all rights to your work and stating that you agree with our payment terms.

Step 3: Compilation

We will compile the stories into a collection. Kate McCabe will be doing the inner design and Cristy Cuthbert Zinn will be doing the cover.

Step 4: Publication

The anthology will be published as an e-book across platforms (details to be provided closer to the time). If the anthology is a roaring success we might look at print in the future, but unfortunately the initial cost and admin of organising a print edition up front is not feasible at this time.  

Step 5: Winning

Everyone who contributes to the anthology will receive an equal profit share. Royalties will be paid out only once we’ve accrued enough money for each author to receive $5 or more. We will keep monthly statements of sales that will be available upon request (although we may very well post them to the group if they’re squee-worthy :))


Do we have to pay?

There’s no fee. Not for being accepted into the anthology and not for edits or anything. Nerine is kindly donating her time and skills but even if she wasn’t, we’d be the one footing the bill not you. You shouldn’t ever be charged to submit somewhere. The only time you should ever have to pay is if you’re actively involved in self-publishing something. Usually if you submit and are accepted somewhere they pay YOU for your writing. We still are, but in a profit-share not an upfront payment because we’re not uber wealthy and I don’t have the energy to run a Kickstart to raise funds (this time ;)).

Are all genres allowed? 


Is there an age restriction? 

As a rule of thumb, if you’re comfortable with your next-door neighbour’s 16yo daughter reading your story, then it’s fine for the anthology. No gratuitous graphic violence, explicit sex or cruelty to animals. 

More questions? Ask in the comments below.

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